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A3385-FLFX - ContiTech En1765-L15 NTRL Discharge w/ Bltin FL/FX

Our Goodyear Flexdock is a popular, safe, reliable, ship-to-shore dock hose that has a corrugated cover for added flexibility and handling characteristics as compared to "smooth" covered rubber dock hoses. It is a superior, long lasting, heavy duty hose that is resistant to weathering, cutting, gouging, and petroleum based products. In order to prolong hose life, it is recommended that a Hosebun Safety Support is used to suspend this hose. The standard NL3360 has a Chemigum/Nitrile tube (suitable to 50% aromatic content), the NL3365 has a Viton/Flosyn tube (for 100% aromatic content), and the NL3375 is a special grade tube/reinforcement specifically designed to resist MTBE fuel additives (up to 70% aromatic content). For certain chemical applications this hose is also available with an EPDM tube (NL3370 - not for petroleum) and with an FDA tube for food applications (NL3352). All coupled lengths of petro-chemical dock hoses must be fully certified prior to use as per Transport Canada/Coast Guard, RMA, and manufacturer guidelines. However, Goodyear also offers dock hose with EN1765-S15 (NL3380) & EN1765-L15 (NL3385) approvals upon special request.

Notice: Critical application, follow cplg/maintenance procedures

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
4" X 65FT CONTITECH EN1765-L15 NTRL DISCH 225 w/BLTIN FL/FX A3385400X65-FLFX Call for Pricing Call for Availability 422.50
4" X 80FT CONTITECH EN1765-L15 NTRL DISCH 225 w/BLTIN FL/FX A3385400X80-FLFX Call for Pricing Call for Availability 520.00
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