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NL3300 - Orange/Black Kanaflex ST120LT Drop Hose

NL3300 Kanaflex ST 120 LT is a industry leading drop hose. It is proven for its light weight, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Its external PVC helix reduces drag and provides easy handling and manoeuvring. It is suitable for gravity flow or suction of gasoline and petroleum based products with a maximum aromatic content of up to 40% (a higher ethanol content may reduce durability). It is highly resistant to ozone, abrasion and weathering. All sizes come with a static wire for grounding. The sleeves are used for ease of installing "banded clamps" and to relieve bending stress at the fitting. Please note that we no longer carry this hose; it has been replaced by NL3325.

Typical Fittings: N44-AL Aluminum camlocks, WC-SS crimp sleeves w/coil, N70-C202 strapping/sleeve for field repairs, BAY-6500 tank truck accessories.

Construction: Tube: Black nitrile synthetic rubber (static dissipating / static conductive). Cover: Corrugated right-hand (clockwise) orange PVC helix with black nitrile rubber blend between. Reinforcement: Polyester fabric with an embedded static wire and a right hand (clockwise) orange PVC helix. Not rated for Biodiesel.

Temperature Range: -34°C (-30°F) to +60°C (+140°F)

Notice: Critical app, ground hose properly w/ wire during cplg.

Cut Method: Hacksaw & Side Snips for Wire - Wear Safety Gloves

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
2" KANAFLEX ST120LT ORANGE & BLACK DROP HOSE NL3300-200 Call for Pricing Call for Availability 0.88
3" KANAFLEX ST120LT ORANGE & BLACK DROP HOSE NL3300-300 Call for Pricing Call for Availability 1.71
4" KANAFLEX ST120LT ORANGE & BLACK DROP HOSE NL3300-400 Call for Pricing Call for Availability 2.44
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