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NL3050 - Hydrocarbon Transfer Hose - Steel Wire Helix - 300 PSI

Hydrocarbon drain hose is designed for draining hydrocarbons from tanks, vessels, and piping systems in oil refineries, chemical plants, tanks, and railcars. When steam is injected into a contaminated vessel, the hot liquified residue is then evacuated by the hydrocarbon drain hose. It has a heavy duty oil, heat, and abrasion resistant cover and RMA Class A oil resistant tube. Users often use other styles of petro-chemical hose or hydraulic hose for such an application, however this hose is specially labelled/branded on its exterior for hydrocarbon use. We carry several different brands (with different colours, temperature ranges, cover compounds, and reinforcement type) based on user preference - confirm specifications.

Typical Fittings: Universals, Boss Ground Joints, N176 Hex Hose Nipples, Interlocking Bolt Clamps, Crimp Sleeves, Whipcheck Safety Cables.

Construction: Tube: Black nitrile (RMA Class A). Cover (varies by part #/brand): NL3050 - Wrapped, blue hypalon rubber with a green stripe; NL3051 - Wrapped, blue CSM chlorosulfonated polyethylene; NL3052 - Wrapped, green nitrile. NL3055 - Wrapped, green neoprene. Reinforcement (varies by part #/brand): NL3050 - Two wire braid; NL3051 - One wire braid; NL3052 - Spiral textile plies with stainless steel static wire; NL3055 - Spiral textile plies with two steel wires.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +121°C (250°F); Varies by Brand

Notice: Critical app, ground hose properly w/ wire during cplg.

Cut Method: Bench Mount Electric Saw // Wear Ear & Eye Protecton

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