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A2425-101 - Red Ribbed PVC Layflat with Hardcoat NPSH

All "red" layflat hoses on the market are not the same. The NL2425 Red PVC Spiraflex has a thicker wall (for added durability) and a higher working pressure than other "red" PVC discharge hoses commonly seen on construction sites or rental yards (NOT for use with air and not for food grade applications). It is used for pump discharge in irrigation, construction, flood protection, and other standard pump applications. It is lightweight, mildew and rot resistant, and has a flame resistant cover that meets MSHA 2G-14C/16 approval. We do not recommend using layflat style hoses for general washdown, as it will not withstand excessive abrasion, dragging, or abuse.

Typical Fittings: Camlocks, short shanks, forestry or threaded fire hose expansion ends, punch clamps.

Construction: Spiral and longitudinal wrapped polyester yarn, embedded and coated with PVC.

Temperature Range: -23°C (-10°F) to +66°C (150°F)

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1-1/2" X 25FT RED LAYFLAT 150# w/HARDCOAT NPSH A2425150X25-101
Call for Availability 9.81
1-1/2" X 50FT RED LAYFLAT 150# w/HARDCOAT NPSH A2425150X50-101
Call for Availability 18.84
1-1/2" X 100FT RED LAYFLAT 150# w/HARDCOAT NPSH A2425150X100-101
Call for Availability 36.84
2-1/2" X 50FT RED LAYFLAT 150# w/HARDCOAT BAT A2425250X50-101 $194.89
Call for Availability 25.36
2-1/2" X 100FT RED LAYFLAT 150# w/HARDCOAT BAT A2425250X100-101 $275.17
Call for Availability 48.86
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