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LPGT-T1-MCQCC - Type 1 Thermo Propane Hose/Male 1"-20 Cylinder X Female Acme

NL1770 is a CGA 8.1 approved hose recommended for hydrocarbons such as liquid or gaseous propane, butane, or a combination of these gases. It can be used for natural gas in its "gaseous" state - it is NOT designed for "liquid" natural gas. It is commonly used on barbecues, trailers, camping equipment, and space heaters. Type 1 propane hose is NOT designed for use on automobiles (must use Type III for automobiles). All coupled assemblies are ULC labeled and are to be installed by a licensed gas fitter only.

Construction: Tube: Nitrile rubber. Cover: Smooth, black, pin-pricked synthetic rubber. Reinforcement: High-tensile braided yarn.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +82°C (180°F)

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1/4" TYPE 1 THERMO PROPANE X 48" w/MALE 1"-20 X QCC1 I4TC48MCQCC $46.05
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1/4" TYPE 1 THERMO PROPANE X 60" w/MALE 1"-20 X QCC1 I4TC60MCQCC $48.00
Call for Availability 0.00
1/4" TYPE 1 THERMO PROPANE X 120" w/MALE 1"-20 X QCC1 I4TC120MCQCC $57.78
Call for Availability 0.00
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