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EC505 - EC505 SAE J2064 Multi-Refrigerant Hose

EC505 is used in similar applications as our GH134 however it's unique polyamide veneer tube with rubber backing layer offers the lowest effusion rate of any multi-refrigerant hose in the industry! It is also very flexible which allows for ease of installation. This hose exceeds SAE J2064 Type E Class 1 performance.

Typical Fittings: E-Z Clip System or special, permanently attached aluminum/steel crimp fittings specifically designed for use with refrigerants, Eaton 5400 Series Quick Connects.

Construction: Tube: Opaque, polyamide veneer with synthetic rubber backing layer. Cover: Wrapped, black chlorobutyl rubber. Reinforcement: Braided synthetic fabric.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +135°C (275°F)

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