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TM8502-LS - Tube x Female 90° (Body Only)

For replacement nuts and sleeves, use our N9201 Metric Tube Nuts and N9202 Metric Cutting Rings listed in the 'Hydraulic Adapter Section'.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +120°C (248°F)

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
06L/12mm TUBE X 06L/12mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-06-06LS $5.88
C - Less Common Item 0.09
08L/14mm TUBE X 08L/14mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-08-08LS $7.48
C - Less Common Item 0.09
10L/16mm TUBE X 10L/16mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-10-10LS $7.16
C - Less Common Item 0.12
12L/18mm TUBE X 12L/18mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-12-12LS $11.21
C - Less Common Item 0.18
15L/22mm TUBE X 15L/22mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-15-15LS $11.80
C - Less Common Item 0.27
18L/26mm TUBE X 18L/26mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-18-18LS $16.74
C - Less Common Item 0.40
22L/30mm TUBE X 22L/30mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-22-22LS $29.53
C - Less Common Item 0.55
28L/36mm TUBE X 28L/36mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-28-28LS $48.47
C - Less Common Item 0.78
35L/45mm TUBE X 35L/45mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-35-35LS $53.44
Call for Availability 0.00
42L/52mm TUBE X 42L/52mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-L-42-42LS $78.30
Call for Availability 0.00
08S/16mm TUBE X 08S/16mm FEMALE 90° <BODY ONLY> TM8502-S-08-08LS $17.46
C - Less Common Item 0.13
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