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ContiTech / Goodyear Instalock Camlocks (Aluminum and SS) - 268

Insta-Lock camlocks have locking arms to prevent accidental disconnection caused by vibration, dragging, or wear. They are typically used in critical applications or when transferring hazardous materials that could damage the environment. The simple, streamlined design does not require loose parts, clips, springs, or bulky arm attachments. They are also a reasonably priced alternative to traditionally expensive camlocks with "locking arms". These are fully interchangeable with all camlocks (meet MIL Spec 27487) and are available in sizes 1/2" to 6" with an aluminum (ASTM 713-T5), premium 316SS (suffix SS) or brass body (suffix BR). All types of camlocks are NOT for use with compressed air, steam, or gases. When crimped properly with 'WI' interlocking sleeves, sizes 1" to 2" are suitable up to 250psi and 2-1/2" to 4" are suitable for up to 150psi (pressure ratings at ambient temperatures). Always confirm if gasket material is compatible with fluid.