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NHUM-FLANGE-45 - Figure 200/206 Male Hammer Union x 45° 150# Flange

These connections are used in the transfer of water, brine, water-based chemicals/acids & gelatinous proppant (sand) slurry used at hydraulic fracturing sites. Their one-piece design provides no welds or pipe threads to deteriorate and cause premature leakage. They meet ASTM/AISI standards and are interchangeable with other reliable brands. The female halves are supplied standard with two-piece hammer union nut (Part # NHU-NUT-206-400).

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4" FIG 206 MALE HAMMER UNION X 150# FLANGE 45° ELBOW NHUM/290-206-45-400 $521.54
Call for Availability 20.00
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