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NL4522 - Automotive SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Line

NL4522 Fuel Injection is designed to handle the higher pressures and temperatures on today's smaller, hotter running fuel injected engines. Its tube is resistant to additives (including Methanol and Ethanol blends, biofuels presently being tested) and its cover is resistant to abrasion, oil, coolants, and weathering. This hose meets SAE J30R9 specifications. For retail display, this hose comes in 25' dispensing reels.

Typical Fittings: N62/N64 gear clamps to proper torque ratings, N66 Pinch clamps, other clamps recommended by OEM.

Construction: Tube: Black Fluorel (Viton blend). Cover: Smooth, black Hypalon. Reinforcement: Spiraled synthetic yarn.

Temperature Range: -35°C (-30°F) to +149°C (300°F)

Detail Comments: All sizes come in convenient 25’ dispensing reels.

Product name SKU List Price Quantity Availability Weight (lbs)
1/4" <SPECIAL> J30R9 FUEL INJECTION LINE NL4522-025 $8.37
C - Less Common Item 0.1300
5/16" <SPECIAL> J30R9 FUEL INJECTION LINE NL4522-031 $12.52
C - Less Common Item 0.1400
3/8" <SPECIAL> J30R9 FUEL INJECTION LINE NL4522-038 $12.88
C - Less Common Item 0.1500